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Bruce Banner x Reader - Woman in my Bed
Bruce slipped off his glasses with a sigh and rubbed his eyes. He was so close to a breakthrough, he could feel it, but the longer he stayed awake, the less progress he was making.
After considering it for the 11th time, the doctor finally gave in and decided to sleep, hoping the rest would rejuvenate his mind and help propel him to his answer. Reluctantly he rose from his chair and decided to slink over to the futon couch he kept in his lab which functioned more as his bed that his actual bed upstairs. He dimmed the lights, having learned the hard way that walking blindly around a messy lab was not safe for his feet, even with shoes on.
Just as he was about to slip off his glasses so as not to crush them in his sleep, Bruce noticed a foreign object on his couch. Instinctively the skittish doctor took a step back and tried to calm himself, not wanting to risk his heart beat getting any faster. After a moment to breath, Bruce took notice that the object was not only a person but also wa
:iconanimelovelover123:AnimeLoveLover123 3 0
Stalker Alert: Shiratorizawa (Ushijima x Reader)
Sometimes you really hated being a girl. Being a girl meant getting preyed on by men and there was a man who was doing just that. You noticed him as soon as he started following you from the convenience store. He had followed you all the way to your brother’s day care and was waiting outside. You didn’t know what he wanted but you weren’t going to risk it.
“Toshi, there’s a man following me,” you had called Ushijima for help.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, he’s been following me since the convenience store and he’s waiting outside my brother’s day care,” you replied.
“Stay there, I’m coming,” Ushijima said and hung up the phone.
“Nee-chan, can we go home yet?” You little brother whined.
“Just wait a little longer. Toshi nii-san is coming,” you told him.
At that he perked up and went over to his friends and excitedly told them how Japan’s number one volleyball player was
:iconitsranko:itsranko 22 7
Harry Potter x Succubus!Reader K-K-Kiss Me
K-K-Kiss Me
Request for TwistedRealitySpace
A/N: I chose a succubus. They’re one of my favorite creatures. I made up the rules so shut up.
I’m gonna start getting picky about which requests I take. If you request a plot that I’ve either written a dozen times or have been asked for a dozen times, I probably won’t accept it, or I’ll make changes. Even if it’s a new character to that plot. I can only write the same story so many times.
“Could you possibly do one about Harry, where the reader is some kind of monster and they are terrorizing Hogwarts?”
A defeated sigh fell from your lips as you stepped away from your latest victim. You knew he would be okay after some rest, but you still hated that you had to feed on humans. You may be a monster, but you were a monster with a heart.
As a succubus, you had to feed on the sexual energy of humans to survive. This was best done through intercourse, but your teenage mind didn’t fancy sleeping
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 9 0
Fond Of You by Sama-Llama Fond Of You :iconsama-llama:Sama-Llama 18 2 Library Date by Sama-Llama Library Date :iconsama-llama:Sama-Llama 19 1
Tales of Xillia Seven Minutes in Heaven - Ludger
      “Who's ready for round number two? I am, that's who!” His hollow body still too full of items to move, Teepo picked out another player using nothing but his eyes. “You over there, stop snacking on whatever that is and come get yourself an item. Make it snappy too. There are a lot of players still waiting to take their turn.”
“Me?” Quickly looking around, just to be sure he was talking to you, you swallowed. Sure enough, there was no one else around you eating. “Okay.” Leaving your food behind, you hopped off of the couch and hurried over to Teepo. “So I guess I just have to stick my hand into your mouth to get an item, huh? That's cool and weird at the same time.” Without any sort of hesitation, you reached inside and retrieved a small can of cat food. “Oh, I know who this belongs to!”
By the time you turned away from Teepo, Ludger was already standing behind you with a soft smile on his face.
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 8 1
Saving the Moon 6 by jeza-red Saving the Moon 6 :iconjeza-red:jeza-red 44 25
Searching For You~Steven Stone x Fem!T!Lost!Reader
Searching For You~Steven Stone x Female!Trainer!Lost!Reader
Now it's Steven's turn!
Enjoy your adorable little geologist dork, my friends!
After this is Riley!
You were lost. Plain and simple, the real problem was that you were lost in Granite Cave, and two of the three pokemon you had with you had been knocked out by a psycho Loudred that wiped them out with an Uproar, now you just had your Treeko with you as you tried to get out of this cave.
"I wonder how long we've been wandering around in this cave, we were told to find a Steven guy if we got lost, and I'd say that we are pretty lost, so where is that guy?" You thought out loud as Treeko clung to your (f/c) beanie, it chirped a response that you interpreted as "I don't know." You continued wandering around until you had passed the same crossroad at least 3 times now, and you knew because you had put a different marker on the walls for every time you had come to it, one for each pokemon yo
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 206 54
Maze Cave Beauty [Steven Stone x Reader]
Exploring Granite Cave wasn't very fun in your opinion. Why? Because of how huge it was.. to you anyways. The only reason you were here in the cave was because Steven, your boyfriend, had something to show you. What he wanted to show you was a mystery to you. But, you knew that it probably had something to do with stones/rocks.
Sighing, you trudged behind Steven following him to who knows where is this maze of cave. To be completely honest, you had never been in this cave before. The only thing relatively close to a cave that you've been in was Meteor Falls. And even then you weren't alone! You were with Steven and Professor Cosmo. But, then again you were only in there for a short while to try and get back the meteor that Team Magma stole..
After what felt like hours of you following Steven is this maze cave, he came to a stop.
"Steven, I'm not trying to sound rude but, why are we here?" You asked.
Standing beside you, he wrapped one arm around your waist and looked up. Lowering his h
:icontheskybecomesadream:TheSkyBecomesADream 137 9
kiss / steven stone x reader
It was a hot summer day in Mossdeep City. Luckily, you were shielded from the sun. You were in Steven Stone’s little cottage on the corner of the island.
You haven’t seen him since you beat him at the Pokémon league. And when he heard you had a week off ever since you became the Champion, he wouldn’t leave you alone.
“I really missed you, [Name].”
You were on the corner of his chaise lounge, looking at the scenery with some tea in hand. Steven’s words brought you back from your thoughts.
Putting the cup down, you stood up and joined him on his sofa and gave him a grand hug. “I’m yours for the rest of the week, Steven. Don’t worry.”
His face turned with shock. “Are you really staying with me for a week?”
You poked his nose. “Of course. I’d love to spend all my free time with you.”
Steven smiled at you, and his eyes locked on your own. He was leaning in…maybe for a kiss perhaps, and you s
:iconpolydeuce:polydeuce 173 12
Fragments - Steven Stone X Reader
"These ones are absolutely beautiful, _____! The way they've been eroded over the years and have obtained this form is simply amazing, don't you think?"
You sighed a little, turning to look at the owner of the voice.
"Uh-huh. They’re pretty, Steven," you murmured softly, glancing at the stone in your boyfriend’s hands quickly, before meeting his gaze.
You and Steven had been dating for almost two years. You'd met when he had been travelling around Johto, and had travelled together for a brief time while you had been out on your Pokemon journey. Those few short weeks you were together was all it took for the young man to steal your heart.
You promised you would meet each other again someday, and so, when you had managed to save up enough, you took the first boat you could over to Hoenn. After all, rumour was that the old Champion had returned.
The look on his face when you had climbed those steps to the Champion’s room in Ever Grande City was priceless - you'd decided
:iconalyxwheatley4ever:AlyXWheatley4Ever 453 70
Mature content
Candy Coated Lust Yu Narukami x Reader :iconreverseharemauthor:ReverseHaremAuthor 1 0
kill the lights (sebastian castellanos/reader.)
You reside in grand disguises
Falsify the life you're hiding
False pride never existed
"Detective Castellanos." the voice calling out to him sounded calm, surprisingly so when considering the circumstances. Sebastian turned around, dark eyes taking in the appearance of the person he had only met a few hours ago - if even. [First Name] [Last Name], a level-headed and calm person that didn't seem too bothered by the creatures they were facing. "[Last Name]." was the only thing he spoke before a soft snicker made it's way to his ears. "I figure you had no luck finding out much?" came the question he had somewhat dreaded - still calm, this time just on the verge of creeping him out with it's consistency. "Not at all, no." he stated, not even turning around this time.
It was when he felt a hand on his shoulder that he turned his head to glance at the other. Even through the layers of clothing he wore he could still feel how cold their skin was, and frankly it did fr
:iconreader-tan:reader-tan 2 0
Leslie Withers x Reader You Are Never All Alone
Song that inspired me to do this:
"Augh when is this god forsaken lecture going to end?" you groan under your breath as your professor goes on and on about the human brain. A sigh escapes from your lips as you lazily pucker your lips and balance a pencil/pen on top of your puckered lips."The capacity to "read" another person's emotional status, predict what they will do next or recognize what they think that you are thinking represent among the most important talents of the human brain. In a society where human interaction often determines success such abilities are highly valued. How does the human brain recognize the facial emotions of others or the sarcasm of a voice? It turns out that the neural systems responsible for recognizing facial and aural emotional content relies on the right cerebral hemisphere to a greater extent than the left where grammar and semantic meaning of words are stored." Clearly not paying an
:iconsallade:Sallade 365 97
Xander x Reader: Fit for a King
Finally, finally finally, I’m going to be writing about my favorite husband...I love this man. More than words. He’s a perfect prince, and someday will make a perfect king...If the game didn’t freakin’ end right after he was crowned and then send me back to before that. Stupid Fire Emblem. Let Xander be the king for once. (Sorry about my ultimate Thursday spam!)
    Dreary rain drizzled on, and the high prince rubbed his head in agitation. War waged on, there was no peace from the endless barrage on Nohr’s defenses - on top of that, there was so much work he had yet to do to resolve issues the country was giving itself. They had once been a proud nation, but now their high and mighty pride was dwindling into a pitiful disaster.
    “Gods, send me a miracle,” he muttered beneath his heavy sigh. A messenger had been going in and out all day, leaving behind letters and messages vital to his work, but other than
:iconbluegrasshero:BlueGrassHero 7 4
digna. | cullen
Digna: Deserve/Commit.
{cullen rutherford x fem!inquisitor!reader}
warning: you can choose whichever race for your inquisitor (elf:lavellan/human:trevelyan), doesn't matter to me.
(read description for more info.)
His life had been tainted with the brutality the world could offer to a single man, but had blessed him as well.
Every single night he would whisper a prayer, echoing off his lips, before his nightmares claimed his sanity whilst sleeping.
He had never seen her truly fall apart in front of watching eyes, but he knew as she bit her lower lip that she was suffering.
It was no secret to either of them how much their pain affected the other, but everyone else was oblivious to it.
After the battle at the Adamant Fortress, you had collapsed in his arms, unintentionally, and a sob slip past your lips. 
You had stiffened instantly, but relaxed as his arms wrapped slowly around you, unsure of where they should be placed.
Slowly, bu
:iconcourt-rhys:court-rhys 7 5


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